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Training videos to demonstrate, explain, instruct and guide staff and customers. Ideal for online learning and classroom. Give us a call on 0845 0945 240
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Training Videos

Whieboard videos are a great way of explaining concepts and procedures.


Training videos can save organisations an enormous amount of time and deliver instructions and information when it is simply not possible any other way.


Get new employees up to speed fast by providing access to pre induction videos enabling them to get a grasp of some of the history, processes and procedures and then ‘hit the ground running’.


Improve employee performance by providing benchmarks and ‘best practice’ procedures to follow.


Instruct and inform customers on usage and procedure

Silent H & S training videos designed for interactive use and online training

We offer a broad range of training video options, from white board animated videos, through to health & safety instructions and sales training using cameras, drones and 3D graphics as appropriate. Videos can be produced with narrative as a self contained training module or without as part of a classroom discussion (see the silent hoist video on the left)


  • Health & Safety procedures including site familiarisation


  • Human resources including including Pre induction and induction


  • Sales including pre meeting preparation, steps of the structured sales call, overcoming objections & post meeting – produce audio recordings of the model sales call, questioning etc for playing in the car.

3 D CGI are Ideal for demonstrating correct procedure for personnel scattered around the UK and the World

3D graphics are an excellent way of demonstrating a correct procedure and are especially useful when used within an online learning management system for training purposes.

When used within a promotional video they add a whole new dimension, providing clarity and advanced understanding instantly. They bring your products and technical drawings alive.

The model sales call


Have you ever wondered why, having spent a small fortune on external sales trainers and taken your sales force off the road for several days, there is little or no noticeable improvement in overall performance?

The reason is often that your sales team will already understand the principles of selling, which is why you took them on in the first place and why they are less than enthusiastic about attending.


What sales people need, especially those new to your business, is to know how to sell your products and services to your market! They want to know how your best sales people are winning those bigger and more frequent deals. So show them!


By working with your most successful and experienced sales people to capture the structure and content of the model sales meeting, you can provide an example for others to follow and establish a benchmark by which all my be fairly judged. This will help enormously with performance management.

Capture your model sales meeting to improve the results of your team.

Do you need a comprehensive yet convenient online training system? Do you like the idea of a provider that is able to deliver an end to end service? We can create the multi media content, help design and build the courses, set up assessments and enrol your trainees. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.


We work closely with you to understand your needs and wishes.