Internal / External Communications - Dragontree Digital Media
Dragontree Digital Media produce internal and external communication videos that will add sincerity and a personal touch to your message. Tel: 0845 0945 240
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Internal / External Communications

It is sometimes necessary to communicate an important announcement or message to staff, shareholders or important clients. It could be financial results, an acquisition or just an update that you wish to share with employees around the UK, Europe or the world.


It may be that you are unable to attend an important meeting and want to send a sincere message of apology and best wishes.


Rather than send an email, which tends to be detached and inpersonal,why not send a video message that can be viewed and listened to by the recipient.?


We can film in your office or any other location with little disruption. There is no need to worry about speaking to camera either as we can load your message on an easy to read autocue, so you will deliver your message with all the confidence of an experienced presenter.

Why not give us a call to discuss your potential requirement, this could mean a great deal to your business and fortunately won’t cost you a great deal.

We work closely with you to understand your needs and wishes.