Aerial Filming - Videography - Dragontree Digital Media
A commercial video and digital media business producing web videos for all applications from our base near Exeter, Devon, South West, Tel: 0845 0945 240
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Aerial Filming – Videography

All drone pilots are authorised & licensed by the the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

The appropriate insurance policies are in place


Dynamic, engaging, informative are just some of the words used to describe aerial footage.

There are a multitude of applications that our professionally operated drones may be used for, and whatever the style, be it instructional, promotional or investigatory, aerial footage provides a whole new dimension to the viewing experience.

Filming from the sky provides a totally different perspective.

Give us a call to discuss your aerial filming / videography needs.


All our aerial filming / videography is conducted by qualified, skilled and insured pilots.

Applications include:

  • Property sales – highlighting location, proximity to beaches, parks, shopping centres, train & bus stops
  • Property rentals – as above
  • Promotional videos – including aerial adds a whole new dimension
  • Training videos – including health and safety walk throughs
  • Golf course layouts – including hole-by-hole guides on ideal shots, lies and hazards
  • Inventories – livestock, cars, machinery etc. saves time and provides for accurate recording that may be checked and double checked. Records movement and trends.





We work closely with you to understand your needs and wishes.